Friday, April 17, 2009

Contributors and Their Blogs

Some of the contributors to the LIFE AS WE SHOW IT anthology have pretty fantastic web blogs. Case in point, Dodie Bellamy, whose story in the anthology, "Phone Home", relates the experience of her mother's illness to life and death issues in the movie "ET", finding deep pockets of meaning and identification.

Contributor Donal Mosher is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker living in Portland, Oregon. Ghost Type has recorded the impressions of his cross-country travels since 2007, zeroing in on forgotten detail and people unaware of meaning anything to anyone at any given point in time.

In "The Victor Salva School of Film Theory", LIFE AS WE SHOW IT contributor Bard Cole explores the way film looks at its subjects, reflecting the collective "intangible desires" of director and audience. Bard is the author of the fiction collection BRIEFLY TOLD LIVES, and the recipient of the 2008 BLATT Book Award for THIS IS WHERE MY LIFE WENT WRONG. He edits a literary anthology online at and recently interviewed Sarah Schulman for his blog Advance Uncorrected Proof

Contributor Lidia Yuknavitch is the author of three collections of short fiction and a book of criticism. "Outtakes", her story in LIFE AS WE SHOW IT, is excerpted from her collection called REAL TO REEL.

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